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AS194 Ask Sister - Motherhouse Road Trip with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mobile, Alabama

Podcast Recorded: March 8, 2017

AS194 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on March 8, 2017. Sponsored by ministry. Motherhouse Road Trip with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mobile, Alabama.

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Show Notes

Here are more details about today’s show!

(2:25) National Catholic Sisters Week.

(3:00) Unexpected calling to the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

(8:30) Saint Jeanne Jugan, foundress, and the mission of caring for the elderly poor.   

(11:00) Prayer and ministry at Sacred Heart Residence in Mobile, Alabama.

(12:30) The Little Sisters’ tradition of begging.

(14:50) Hospitality, the fourth vow of Little Sisters.

(19:40) Becoming a Little Sister and “formation of the heart.”

(22:05) Enriched by diversity of cultures, ages, geographies in an international congregation

(25:00) Being a Little Sister: living out the paschal mystery in its fullness

(33:40) Listener wonders if she can really expect God to provide in her life.

(37:00) Young volunteers at Sacred Heart Residence discover the power of shared values.

(42:00) Listener asks if God sends signs that maybe you should be a nun.

(46:00) Opportunities for young women to discern God’s calling.

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About our Guest

Sister Marie Cecilia

L: Sister Marie Cecilia Fausto, LSP, grew up on a farm in Pampanga, in the Philippines. She earned her Bachelor of Commercial Science and Economics at Jose Rizal University in Manila, and then did additional studies in management and finance. As a Little Sister of the Poor, she has been blessed to exercise her vow of hospitality in direct care of the elderly poor, has served in the chapel and helped with the gardening, and is now a collecting Little Sister, seeking donations for the Little Sisters’ ministry and never failing to enrich the benefactors with joy, caring, and a little spiritual word during her encounters with them.

R: Sister Carolyn Martin, LSP, grew up in Falls Church, Virginia. As a young woman fully on track for the vocation of marriage (or so she thought), she was swept off her feet one day by the God of surprises as she encountered Jesus in the person of His elderly poor—and also in the witness of the religious Sisters who so lovingly served them with joyful simplicity at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Washington, DC. Sister Carolyn now serves the elderly poor as a nurse and a long-term care administrator in Mobile, Alabama, at one of the many Homes operated by her religious congregation for this special mission around the world.

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