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AS195 Ask Sister - Holy Week homestretch, First Communion gifts, asking for prayers, penance, metrics for holiness

Podcast Recorded: April 11, 2017

AS195 Ask Sister - Holy Week homestretch. First Communion gifts for grade schoolers. Asking for prayers. Penance. Metrics for holiness.

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Show Notes

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1:35  Reflecting on Lent during the Holy Week homestretch.

2:45  Giving up bad grammar for Lent (not…).

6:25  Listener question: What’s a good first communion gift for grade schoolers, something that will later in life will remind them of this moment?

16:00  Post your First Communion pics at website and Facebook!

19:00  Listener question: When I meet a nun or priest, I always ask them to pray for me. Is that appropriate?

22:00  Does God expect us to pray?

28:50  Listener question: What do you think about praying for others as penance?

34:20  Listener question: How do you know if you are holy?

35:00  Key performance indicators for holiness, such as the Beatitudes.

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