AS198 Ask Sister podcast recorded live with the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, in Wichita, Kansas. See the Motherhouse Road Trip page for photos, travel journal, and more! 

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Show Notes

(2:24) Meaning of the image of the blood of Christ.

(4:00) Boyfriend, senator, nun – how did you make the choice?

(8:30) Differences, dismay, and delight in ministry in South Korea.

(13:00) Making God’s love tangible as a professor and college president.

(15:00) The Center of Hope and in the Immigrant Family Support Network.

(21:00) Adorers’ spirituality and their land ethic.

(25:32) 25th anniversary of the five Adorers missionary sisters martyred in Liberia.

(31:00) Listener question: Why doesn’t God help me concentrate on prayer?

(38:00) Listener question: If God calls you in one direction, is it risky if you ignore it?

(44:30) Adorers’ Life Choices program to help people discern God’s calling.