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AS213 Ask Sister - Motherhouse Road Trip with the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco

Podcast Recorded: November 14, 2018

We visit the Salesian Sisters in Tampa, Florida. Guests: Sr. Mary and Sr. Guerline. Topics: family life, sports, religious habits, amusement parks  

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Show Notes

Students from Villa Madonna Catholic School (Tampa, FL), Academy of Our Lady High School (Marrero, LA), and Immaculata LaSalle High School (Miami, FL) join us for the livestreaming podcast.

Family and faith in New York, Haiti, and New Jersey

Quest for boyfriend backfires and leads to convent instead

Questions from students and the chat room:

What is your favorite part of being a sister

How do students experience the “family spirit” of Salesian founder St. John Bosco

How do you know that it’s God who’s calling you

Are there sisters who minister in care for animals

What is the meaning of your habit

What do sisters do for fun

What drew you to become a sister

What vows do you make

Why did you become a Salesian sister instead of a different kind of sister

Were there any Salesian sisters where you grew up

How can a person grow closer to God

Do you wear your habit all day

Even though you can’t have your own family, can you adopt children

Can you own a house and live in it by yourself

Do you ever go to amusement parks

Is there a difference between a sister and a nun

Sister Mary and Sister Guerline offer a blessing to the students

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About our Guest

LEFT:  Sr. Mary Jackson was born in upstate New York, one of five children. An amazing conversion experience led her to a religious vocation. She found the Salesian Sisters online. Sr. Mary professed her vows 12 years ago. On that day, she realized that God's dream and her dreams were a perfect match. Currently ministering as the principal of Villa Madonna Catholic School in Tampa, Sr. Mary is passionate for Jesus and young people. She can be found in the classroom, on the basketball court and in the chapel, always with the young. Her prayerful and energetic way are fueled by her relationship with Jesus. On a daily basis, she works with parents and their children, as they celebrate life and grow through difficulties that life presents.

RIGHT: Sr. Guerline Joseph was born in Haiti and grew up in New Jersey. As a child, she desired to be many things, including a flight attendant, a restauranteur and a professional athlete. At the same time, she always had a heart of service for others. She connected with the Salesian Sisters through a vocation magazine called VISION ( and since then has found fulfillment in her relationship with Jesus through her mission with young people. Currently, Sr. Guerline, who is seven years professed, spends her day ministering to hundreds of young people, teaching them dance and hanging out at the Salesian Youth Center/Boys and Girls Club after school. She enjoys running, cleaning, and celebrating birthdays.

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