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AS222 Ask Sister - theology as vocation, Hell heresies, heavenly bribes, freedom to choose or reject God

Podcast Recorded: July 19, 2019

Topics: Has Hell changed, heavenly bribes to encourage faith, uniting our suffering with Christ's. Hosts: Sr. Maxine, IHM, and Sr. Shannon, OSF.  

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Show Notes

What happens at a General Assembly of Franciscan sisters

Sister Shannon’s presidential address at the College Theology Society

Listener worries that her parish priest may be a Hell heretic

What the Catholic Catechism says about Hell

Gehenna, an earthly image of Hell in Old Testament life

On the bus to heaven

When God wonders what in Hell is going on

Listener suspects that her mom is bribing her to stay Catholic

Zero-calorie pizza in Heaven and eternal bike riding

Heaven and Hell in relationship to God

Faith in times of crisis

What it means to unite our suffering with Christ’s suffering on the cross

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