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AS224 Ask Sister - life satisfaction, holier than thou friends, workplace woes

Podcast Recorded: October 17, 2019

Topics: life satisfaction, holier than thou friends, workplace woes, and more! Sister Maxine and guest Sister Clara Kreis, who designed the Life Satisfaction Survey for Catholic Sisters. Sister Tere Maya joins us by phone during the podcast.

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Show Notes

(02:37) From Greek Orthodox to Catholic: Sister Clara’s faith journey

(07:30) Attending Greek school while growing up in Germany

(10:20) Ministry with children and youth in trauma; studies in Psychology in the U.S.

(13:58)  Research tools for assessing satisfaction with life

(18:20) Differences in life satisfaction among younger vs. older people

(19:46) Sister Tere talks about the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and the Life Satisfaction Survey for Catholic Sisters

(22:47) Surprising findings from the Life Satisfaction Survey

(33:30) Sister Clara's life in many cultures: German, Greek, the deaf community, the U.S.

(36:44) Listener question: How can I move beyond my current friends without it feeling like I’m “holier than thou”?

(40:00) Sister Clara’s last disco dance before becoming a nun

(44:00) Making choices for ourselves vs. judging others for the choices they make

(47:00) Listener question: Is unhappiness in my job God’s way of saying “Move on.”

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About our Guest

Sister Maria Clara Kreis, CDP, is a member of the Sisters of Divine Providence, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sister Clara is a licensed psychologist and the Grant Project Director and Lead Researcher of the international Life Satisfaction Scale for Catholic Sisters, based at Duquesne University. The project is funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Sister Clara was born and raised in Germany. She was baptized in the Greek Orthodox tradition and later became Catholic. Sister Clara has a PhD from Marquette University, where she designed the research tool to assess life satisfaction among Catholic sisters. She works with sisters in many countries worldwide.

Sister Teresa Maya, CCVI, joins us by phone during the podcast. She describes how her congregation is working the Life Satisfaction Survey. Sister Tere is in leadership with the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, in San Antonio, Texas.

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