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AS232 Ask Sister - Penance vs. payback for sin, a disposition of forgiveness, who decides the Mass readings

Podcast Recorded: December 11, 2020
Max and Shannon

Topics: Penance vs. payback for sin, a disposition of forgiveness, who decides the Mass readings. Hosts: Sister Maxine and Sister Shannon.

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Show Notes

Podcast hosts: Sister Maxine, IHM, and Sister Shannon, OSF

1:30 Third week of Advent

3:12  Listener: After confession, the priest said my penance was Hail Marys and Our Fathers. Why would prayers be my punishment for sin – that’s weird, right?

5:15  Confession and reconciliation

7:00  Restoring good vs. being punished

11:30  Saint Anselm and Satisfaction Theory

14:30  Listener: Shouldn’t we focus more on just doing the right thing so we can avoid seeking forgiveness so much?

16:00  Developing a disposition of forgiveness

25:15  Listener: Why are only certain bible passages include in the Mass readings, and who chooses them?

26:10  What a lectionary is and how readings were selected

33:00  Catholics’ new relationship with scripture after the Second Vatican Council 

39:30  Helpful resources for daily prayer

41:30  Suggested bibles and translations 

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About our Guest

Sister Shannon Schrein, OSF, PhD, is a Sylvania Franciscan and currently serves on the Leadership Team of her congregation. She has a PhD in Systematic Theology and served as president of the College Theology Society from 2016-2020.  She is the author of the books Quilting and Braiding: The Feminist Christologies of  Sallie McFague and Elizabeth A. Johnson in Conversation. Sister Shannon is also the editor of God Has Begun a Great Work in Us: Embodied Love in Consecrated Life and Ecclesial Movements, The 2014 Annual Volume of the College Theology Society.  She is a contributor to The Saint Mary’s College Study Bible, 2007. Sister Shannon is the 2012 recipient of the Franciscan Federation Award. She has shared her Franciscan way of life and her love of Jesus and the Scriptures with her students for more than forty years.

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