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AS234 Ask Sister – Easter bunny vs. Jesus, prepping for Purgatory, how to know if the rosary is working

Podcast Recorded: June 18, 2021
AS234 Ask Sister – Easter bunny vs. Jesus, prepping for Purgatory, how to know if the rosary is working

Podcast hosts: Sister Maxine, IHM, and Sister Shannon, OSF                 

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Show Notes

1:40  A call to leadership and a visit to the endodontist.

3:36 Listener: My husband and I have two beautiful boys, ages 4 and 6. Our Catholic faith is important to us, and we want to help our boys learn about faith. They’re young, so we’re working at a very basic level, but honestly, it’s discouraging. It’s hard to compete with other ideas in our society. We hit a new low this past Easter. We were explaining how much Jesus loves us, that He would do anything for us, that He wants us to be happy. After some blank stares, the boys asked, “Then why doesn’t Jesus give Easter eggs like the Easter Bunny?” If you have any advice, we’d most sincerely appreciate it.

15:00  Listener: I suppose it is a grace of Lent that I have been thinking of purgatory. I’ve done my best to confess my sins and say my penance. My question, now that I am old and looking to draw nearer to God, is: “How do you know what you have failed to do?” We are required to confess these sins as well. I feel extremely inadequate these days in my confessions. How should I think about what I have failed to do?

29:30  Listener: My older sister Angela and I were raised Catholic, but we only did Catholic things until we were 18. That’s when we got jobs and left home and didn’t have to go to church because our parents made us. Angela’s almost 30 now and she’s had some really hard times. She told me that two years ago, she started saying the rosary on her way to work, and she still does at least one rosary and sometimes two per day. I’m really surprised by this, because she doesn’t go to church or anything else. Just the rosary. But does the rosary work if it’s the only faith activity you do?

The rosary

How to pray the rosary tutorial

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