In Good Faith

IGF003 In Good Faith with Sister Bernie Lynch, MM

Podcast Recorded: November 4, 2010

IGF003 In Good Faith with Sister Bernie Lynch, MM, recorded live on November 5, 2010. Produced by ministry. Our hosts talk with the Maryknoll missioner about her life, the book Bernie Becomes a Nun, and being a missioner in everyday life.

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Show Notes
  • The path to discovering her call to become a Maryknoll sister  
  • Being missioned to Peru and Central America.
  • The adventure of being a missioner.
  • Facing danger and unpredictability in mission.
  • Spiritual grounding during the tough times.
  • New learnings about God.
  • Being a missioner means being able to receive as well as to give.
  • Sister Bernie’s “mission” with the popular book Bernie Becomes a Nun.
  • How she was chosen for the Cosmo article and why Cosmopolitan was interested in a story about a nun.
  • Working with photographer George Barris who would later photograph celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.
  • On recreating the process of becoming a sister with help from the book’s author Sister Maria del Rey Danforth, MM.
  • Advice to someone discerning their vocation to religious life.
  • Sisters Ita Ford and Maura Clarke, the Maryknoll sisters who were killed in El Salvador.
  • Stories of the people Sister Bernie ministered to/with.
  • Culture shock after coming back to the U.S. after almost 40 years in Peru, El Salvador, and Guatemala.
  • Everyone is called to be a missioner in a way unique to each person.
About our Guest

Sister Bernadette Lynch is a Maryknoll Sister and was the subject of the book, Bernie Becomes a Nun (1956). She has served as a missioner for many years in Peru, El Salvador and Guatemala and also has worked with families affected by HIV/AIDS. Sister Bernie has been worked with the Maryknoll Sisters mission awareness team visiting U.S. schools and parishes to help educate people about the missions.

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