IGF012 In Good Faith with Sister Patricia Daly, OP, recorded live on January 11, 2012. Produced by Ministry. Topics include gospel values in corporate culture, Catholic nuns, corporate responsibility, socially responsible investing and more.

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Show Notes
  • Sister Pat’s community, the Dominican Sisters of Caldwell, New Jersey, and her attraction to their commitment to social justice.
  • What it means to do socially responsible investing.
  • “The power of one is not to be underestimated.”
  • Helping companies do good in the community 
  • How Jesus informs Sister Pat’s ministry — Jesus as a change agent 
  • A critical vocation to speak up for people who have no role or power in society.
  • Working with  General Electric to clean up PCB contamination along the Hudson River
  • The Catholic Church’s role in promoting socially responsible investing.
  • A quandary when a company that has questionable practices invests generously in church and community work.
  • The Occupy Wall Street movement.
  • Abuses around compensation for senior executives.
  • What it’s like to be a Catholic sister in the board room and in the media spotlight.
  • The so-called “sin stocks” — gambling, liquor, and tobacco stocks.
  • Can you do well financially when you invest in socially responsible investing.
About our Guest

Sister Patricia Daly, OP, is a Dominican Sister of Caldwell, New Jersey, and has worked in Corporate Responsibility and Socially Responsible Investing for over 25 years. She serves as the Executive Director of the Tri-State Coaltion for Responsible Investment, an organization of 40 Roman Catholic Dioceses and Congregations of Women and Men in the New York metropolitan area. Sister Pat represents these institutional investors to the national Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility: 275 Roman Catholic, Protestant and Jewish organizations holding more than $110 billion in investments. Sister Pat is also the Corporate Responsibility Representative for the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Caldwell, New Jersey, and consults for the American Baptist Churches in their Socially Responsible Investment Program.