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IGF021 In Good Faith with Joe Paprocki, on the New Evangelization

Podcast Recorded: September 26, 2012

Here to talk with us about the New Evangelization and what it means in our every day life is Joe Paprocki, who has been involved in catechetical ministry for over 30 years.

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Show Notes
  • Vocation as a catechist.
  • The New Evangelization and re-energizing one’s faith.
  • Growing in faith through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.
  • The connection between the Year of Faith, the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, and the New Evangelization.
  • The challenges of explaining one’s faith in ways that are accessible to society today.
  • Grandparents and grandchildren sharing their faith.
  • The need for a new apologetics for explaining the faith.
  • Ideas for helping parishoners rekindle their faith.
  • How to get involved in catechetical work and New Evangelization in your parish.
About our Guest

Joe Paprocki has been involved in catechetical ministry for over 30 years and most recently offered a webinar on helping catechists and Catholics enter into the Year of Faith which has the New Evangelization at its heart. He currently ministers as the National Consultant on Faith Formation at Loyola Press and as a catechist for 8th graders at his parish. Joe is the author of a number of books, articles, and blog posts — many of which you can find at his blog, His newest books are: 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness: Enriching Your Faith by Strengthening the Health of Your Soul (2012) and Practice Makes Catholic: Moving from a Learned Faith to a Lived Faith (2011).

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