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IGF022 In Good Faith with filmmaker Mary Fishman

Podcast Recorded: October 24, 2012

IGF022 In Good Faith with filmmaker Mary Fishman, recorded live on October 24, 2012. Produced by Ministry. Topics include: the making of the movie Band of Sisters, the sisters’ stories, changing hearts and minds through film.

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Show Notes
  • The inspiration for Band of Sisters, its post-Vatican II framework, and its social justice focus.
  • The lives of Catholic sisters and nuns, described in their own words.
  • Countering nun stereotypes in pop culture.
  • Planning for the film, from research to financing to distribution.
  • The nuns of A Nun’s Life Ministry make their film debut.
  • The impact of the Women and Spirit exhibit, the LCWR investigation, and Nuns on the Bus on the direction of the movie after the filming had already begun.
  • How Mary’s work as an architect and urban planner informed her filmmaking endeavors.
About our Guest

Band of Sisters is Mary Fishman’s filmmaking debut. Mary grew up in Chicago, where attended Catholic elementary and high schools. She attended the Univ of Notre Dame, and then worked as an architect in Chicago, in southern California, and in Strasbourg, France. While in California, she earned a master's degree from UCLA in urban planning. After returning to Chicago, she specialized in historic preservation and zoning for the City of Chicago’s Dept. of Planning and Development. She left her job with the city to help care for her mother, and began work on Band of Sisters in 2004. Making films is a dream come true for Mary, joining her love of movies with her desire to work for social justice. You can find more information about Mary and Band of Sisters at



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