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IGF026 In Good Faith with author Susan Sink

Podcast Recorded: May 8, 2013

IGF026 In Good Faith with author Susan Sink, recorded live on May 8, 2013. Produced by Ministry. Topics include:  her book of 100-word stories Habits, telling the stories of sisters, Benedictine spirituality, the writing life.

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Show Notes
  • The inspiration for the book Habits, a collection of 100-word stories about the lives of Benedictine Sisters of Saint Joseph, Minnesota.
  • Susan's reading of the title story in Habits.
  • Her experience as a Benedictine Oblate of Saint John's Abbey.
  • Gardening as a physical meditation.
  • Challenges of writing 100-word stories -- how to say a lot with just a little.
  • Seeing the face of God in others through stories.
  • Writing about the illuminations in the St. John's Bible.
  • "Visio divina" and the St. John's Bible.
  • A personal journey with Saint Paul
  • Vocation as a writer and poet: "a purse full of words"
  • Susan reads "Life's Liturgy," from Habits.
About our Guest

Susan Sink is a poet and writer with a master's in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She is the administrator of the Episcopal House of Prayer in Collegeville, Minnesota. She is also an oblate of Saint John’s Abbey.

Susan has worked as an editor for Liturgical Press and as communications director for the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. She is the author of Habits, a collection of stories about the sisters, The Way of All the Earth, a book of poems, and three volumes of  the The Art of The Saint John's Bible. Susan blogs at

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