IGF030 In Good Faith podcast with Global Sisters Report, recorded live on May 7, 2014. Produced by Ministry. Guests: Sister Jan Cebula, OSF, Tracy Abeln. Topics include:, ministries of Catholic sisters worldwide.

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Show Notes
  • Global Sisters Report (, a new initiative that shares news about the lives and works of Catholic sisters worldwide.   
  • Catholic sisters as global force for human development.
  • Ministry in geographic areas of great struggle, and stories about positive action for change.   
  • Serving with joy in the midst of hardship.
  • Stories that give insight into the spiritual foundations of sisters’ work worldwide.
  • Creating the Global Sisters Report website and learnings along the way.
  • Issues with a global dimension and a local face.
  • Mapping the stories.  
  • Ways for writers, readers, and listeners to contribute to the content of Global Sisters Report
  • Networking for a future of social justice, peace, and freedom.   
About our Guest

We talk with Sister Jan Cebula, OSF, and Tracy Abeln of the Global Sisters Report. The Global Sisters Report  is a network of sisters and journalists that tells the stories of women religious throughout the world. The sisters' stories focus on a variety of topics including ministry, equality, and spirituality.

Sister Jan Cebula

Sister Jan is a member of the Sisters of St. Francis in Clinton, Iowa. The Global Sisters Report (GSR) U.S. liaison to women religious and organizations, she makes connections, uncovers stories, and identifies women religious to write for the GSR. Prior to her work with GSR, Sister Jan served as her congregation's president (2004-2012) and was a legal aid attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, for 23 years.

Tracy Abeln

Tracy Abeln is assistant managing editor for the Global Sisters Report. Before joining NCR in 2012, she worked as an editor for a weekly local newspaper and a visual arts magazine, and as an ESL teacher.