In Good Faith

IGF034 In Good Faith with Sister Dorothy Fabritze, MSC

Podcast Recorded: October 29, 2014

IGF034 In Good Faith podcast with guest Sister Dorothy Fabritze, MSC, recorded on October 29, 2014. Produced by Ministry. Topics include: Missionaries of Joy, liturgy in the center ring, and more!

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Show Notes
  • Travel-trailer convent and a Silverado truck
  • A biblical spirituality of being on the move
  • Circus "Missionaries of Joy" 
  • Liturgy in the center ring – sacred space at the circus
  • Re-envisioning circus ministry and encouraging lay leadership – the Pauline Approach
  • Show Peoples Evangelization of Catechists (SPEC)
  • USCCB Office for Cultural Diversity, Circus and Traveling Shows Ministries
  • Circus life and schedules– precision, commitment, endurance
  • Sister Dorothy's vocation journey
  • Talking with the congregation about joining the circus
About our Guest

Sister Dorothy Fabritze is a Missionary Sister of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, of Redding, Pennsylvania. She is a pastoral minister with the Blue Unit the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus. She also is co-founder of Show People’s Evangelization of Catechists (SPEC), an organization to develop lay leaders among the circus population. Prior to circus ministry, Sister Dorothy served as a religious education coordinator for 16 years in Papua, New Guinea, a teacher, and as development coordinator for her congregation. 

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