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IGF040 In Good Faith with Sister Michele Morek, Global Sisters Report

Podcast Recorded: November 13, 2020
In Good Faith podcast with Sister Michele Morek, OSU

Our guest, Sister Michele Morek, talks about life as a Catholic sister and her work at Global Sisters Report, at the United Nations, as a professor of biology, and a congregational leader.  

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Show Notes

"The Life" series at Global Sisters Report, about the lives of Catholic sisters worldwide

Sister Michele's work on behalf of 20 congregations at the United Nations in service to women and children

The influence of Catholic sisters on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

A global perspective on who Catholic sisters are

The charism of religious life--gift to the church and the world

Moving from New York City to Kansas City: coincidence and community

National Catholic Reporter

Spirituality shaped by the region we're from

Nature as a spiritual influence; Creation Spirituality and biology

God as Uncreated Energy, All-Nurturing Abyss, and Egyptian Mouth-Breeder Fish

Finding God wherever we find ourselves

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About our Guest

 Sister Michele Morek is an Ursuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph, Kentucky. In her work at Global Sisters Report, she connects with Catholic sisters worldwide around the critical issues facing the people they serve.

Sister Michele previously worked as coalition coordinator of UNANIMA International, a religious nongovernmental organization at the United Nations. She holds a doctorate in biology from the University of Notre Dame and worked for many years as a professor and administrator at the college/university level. She also served for 14 years in congregational leadership positions, including six years as community leader.  

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