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IGF048 In Good Faith - Sister Eileen Reilly, Catholic Mobilizing Network

Podcast Recorded: July 15, 2021
In Good Faith with Sister Eileen Reilly, Catholic Mobilizing Network

Sister Maxine talks with Sister Eileen Reilly, who helps mobilize people in the U.S. to value life over death by working to end the death penalty and promote restorative justice. Catholic Mobilizing Network is based in Washington, D.C. 

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Show Notes

00:31. Early peace and justice influences in Sister Eileen’s life

02:33.  A turning point in Sister Eileen’s journey – parish ministry in Richmond, Virginia

08:45.  The power of prayer 

10:21.  United States’ stance on the death penalty compared with other countries worldwide

11:25.  Reconciliation and restorative justice

16:52.  Sister Eileen’s work with congregations of Catholic Sisters in the U.S.

19:16.  Catholic teachings about the value of life

24:00.  Efforts at the state level to abolish the death penalty

26:41.  Common misconceptions about the death penalty

31:35.  “An eye for an eye” – a biblical perspective on justice and revenge

31:59.  Efforts at the federal level to abolish the death penalty

34:45.  First Fridays and prayer vigils

36:18.  The call of the Second Vatican Council

40:00.  Resources available at

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