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IGF050 In Good Faith with Sister Dusty Farnan, United Nations Representative

Podcast Recorded: October 8, 2021
In Good Faith with Sister Dusty Farnan

Sister Dusty is the United Nations representative for the Dominican Sisters Conference. Sister Dusty talks with Sister Maxine about her work at the UN on world issues important to Dominicans, such as homelessness, the rights of women and girls, protection of the Amazon region, and the digital divideSister Dusty describes how her work involves connecting with the wider Dominican Family, whose members minister on every continent in the world, working with local people directly affected by the issues. 

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Show Notes

(1:40)  The foundations of peace and justice for Sister Dusty: early family life in Michigan.

(6:20) An unexpected call to religious life with the Adrian Dominican Sisters.

(10:30) The influence of ministry experiences—in education, formation, vocations, and social work—on Sister Dusty’s ideas about peace and justice.

(16:15) The spirit of the Dominican Family worldwide: preaching, teaching, and  living the gospel.    

(21:30) The Dominican Sisters Conference and its role at the United Nations.

(26:00) Helping girls and women globally to speak out about their experiences and needs: the UN Working Group on Girls and UN Women.

(33:30) Working with indigenous people to protect the Amazon region

(37:00) Assisting UN efforts to bridge the digital divide and to address homelessness

(42.30) Finding hope in the midst of serious issues

(44:45)  The unique contribution that religious sisters make at the United Nations

(47:00) Suggested resources for our listeners:

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