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Podcast Recorded: June 9, 2023
an actress peeks out from behind the stage curtains

What does acting have to do with the Incarnation? Sister Violaine Paradis explains!

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Sister Rejane  
This Random Nun Clip is brought to you by A Nun's Life Ministry. I am Sister Rejane Cytacki of A Nun's Life. And my guest today is Sister Violaine Paradis of the Congregation de Notre Dame. Join us for an adventure that explores these questions and more: Can you be an actress and a nun? How is the theatrical embodiment of a character connected to the incarnation of Christ?  May the joy of our conversation resonate in your own life's spiritual journey with Christ. Enjoy!

Sister Violaine  
When an actor is so much involved in the character, you know it's an actor acting, but you're just seeing the character. That's a magic moment.

Sister Rejane  
So you're embodying the character, giving that character life and flesh and movement, not just --  I often made this mistake when I took acting classes, that I was like, oh, I'll just set myself aside and try to be this, but you can't do that. No, you have to know yourself really well so that you're actually embodying this character.

Sister Violaine  
That's it. And you are serving your character through what you are. And for me, in French --

Sister Rejane  
Yeah, go ahead. Say it in French.

Sister Violaine  
No, but maybe we can use the same parallelism.

Sister Rejane  

Sister Violaine  
With the incarnation. Incarnation, for me, to incarnate -- we say in French to incarnate the character, if I can translate it like this. So for me, it's like being so deeply touched by Jesus Christ that we want to just share it to the world. But he wants to be embodied in us -- himself in our body, in our lives. So for me, it's very, very, very strong. I did a paper on that. When I was in my practical theology. And I really was touched by this dimension. I wanted to go deeper. To act out, for me, that was the most beautiful moment that I felt: that I know that people were looking at us, or living something. To let them live something, touch something in themselves, because we are acting well, or doing all that story well. They are touched and they are moved and there's something changed in their person because of the show. That, for me, it's a grace -- a moment of grace, we say.

Sister Rejane  
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