Who are some of your fave women in scripture?

Podcast Recorded:

This Random Nun Clip is from In Good Faith episode 10, with S. Barbara Reid, OP, professor of New Testament and vice president and academic dean at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Hear the full podcast at IGF010.

IGF010 In Good Faith with Sister Barbara Reid, OP

Podcast Recorded:

Congratulations to Sister Barbara Reid, OP, on her election as President of Catholic Theological Union on November 15, 2020! We were honored to have a podcast with her in 2011. 

IGF010 In Good Faith with Sister Barbara Reid, OP, PhD, recorded live on June 2, 2011. Produced by aNunsLife.org ministry. The nuns talk with Sister Barbara about finding God in everyday life, Sacred Scripture, prayer, biblical spirituality, and more!

Sister Barbara Reid, OP