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DaRK PaRTY interviews Sister Julie

Blog Published: December 11, 2007

Nothing makes one feel hip and relevant like an interview by a mysterious-sounding group called DaRK PaRTY.

Tune into a great conversation on Being a Nun

Blog Published: October 22, 2007

Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Sister Marie Pappas, CR (Sisters of the Resurrection), host of the program “Pathways of Learning” on The Catholic Channel #159 on Sirius Radio.

Being a Nun Can Be Weird

Blog Published: May 23, 2007

I love being a nun … it is where I find my deepest joy and peace, where I can truly be myself and flourish into the person God calls me to be. Being a nun opens me to seeing the world in a wonderful light and all kinds of possibilities. Being a nun is as natural as breathing air.

What Lucas thinks about his Aunt being a Nun

Blog Published: December 23, 2006

Today I had a breakfast date with my nephew Lucas. He is 6 years old. We went to have coffee, apple juice and bagels (very sticky cinnamon sugar bagels). We chatted about many things. Let me tell you a little about this great kid. Lucas and his older brother Jared enjoy playing outside with their friends. Lucas’s favorite video game is Star Wars Legos I. He loves the books Kissing Hand and its sequel A Pocket Full of Kisses. His favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with his family.