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How do I choose a religious community?

Blog Published: January 25, 2017

While religious communities have much in common—the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and living a life of service and prayer—they also are different.

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NUNDAY with Sister Sara Marie Belisle, OSF

Blog Published: November 30, 2015

Sister Sara Marie knows there is more to our life than what we see on the surface.

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AS171 Ask Sister - Motherhouse Road Trip with the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Hamden, Connecticut

Podcast Recorded: May 15, 2015

AS171 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on May 15, 2015. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org Ministry. Motherhouse Road Trip with the Apostles of the Sacred Heart, Hamden, Connecticut.

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Making Life and Death Pacts with Strangers

Blog Published: April 1, 2015

As I look in my helmet mirror at the traffic coming behind me, feel the WHOOSH of the car driving by so close, and scan the horizon for cars turning off or onto the road, I am acutely aware that my life is in the hands of total strangers.

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What is "spiritual" itinerancy and how is it part of life for Dominican Sisters of Peace?

Podcast Recorded: October 10, 2014

This Random Nun Clip is from our Motherhouse Road Trip podcast with the Dominican Sisters of Peace in Columbus, Ohio.  You can listen to the full podcast at AS162.

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We're doing the play Sister Act, so I need to get into the frame of mind of a sister. Any advice?

Podcast Recorded: July 16, 2014

In this Random Nun Clip, we offer advice on how to act like a nun to a student who is preparing for a role in the play Sister Act. Hear the full podcast episode at  AS159.

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I decided not to enter religious life but want to stay in touch with the nuns. Or will that be too awkward?

Podcast Recorded: February 12, 2014

This Random Nun Clip is from Ask Sister podcast episode 152. Hear the full podcast at AS152.

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The Power of a Snapshot

Blog Published: February 3, 2014

Yesterday while chilling at the convent, a snapshot turned my day from overwhelmed to graced!