A Nun’s Life interviews Sister Sabitha, PHJC

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A trip to the A Nun's Life Archives presents: You are in for a treat today! A few weeks ago, Sister Maxine interviewed a Catholic sister from India. Sister Sabitha is a member of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, Bangalore, India, who was studying here in Chicago for the past two years at the Catholic Theological Union where Sister Maxine also studies.

Sister Sabitha - A Nun's Life Ministry

DaRK PaRTY interviews Sister Julie

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Nothing makes one feel hip and relevant like an interview by a mysterious-sounding group called DaRK PaRTY.

A Conversation about Being a Nun

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Because of our difference in age (Sister Marie entered around Vatican II, and I entered around Y2K) we brought varying perspectives to what it was like to decide to become a nun, wear a habit, minister, live in community, and many other things.