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Can you "find yourself" by "losing yourself"?

Podcast Recorded: October 17, 2012

This Random Nun Clip is from Ask Sister podcast episode 121. Hear the full podcast at AS121.

A Nun

No Time for Prayer

Blog Published: January 12, 2010

We know that prayer is integral to our life and faith. But sometimes we just don’t seem to have the time for it. Take today for example. I woke up thinking about all the things I have to do today including a couple past-due deadlines, an email inbox that is overflowing, a meet to prepare for and participate in, errands, and a podcast.

A Nun

In the Groove

Blog Published: June 12, 2008

Sometimes prayer is “easy” when life is going well, I am rested, not anxious, etc. Sometimes it is the opposite.

Why Lent Rocks

Blog Published: February 21, 2007

Today begins the awesome and holy season of Lent. When Ash Wednesday hits we tend to think, “O no, now I have to give something up.” But Ash Wednesday and Lent are so much more than that. It is a time of preparation, a time of freeing ourselves from the things that bind us and moving into a deeper relationship with God, our family and friends, and the Church community.

A Nun

How do you pray?

Blog Published: February 16, 2007

Blog reader Jenn had a question about prayer, and so I thought tackle it on today’s post. Prayer is such a wonderfully dynamic thing. There are so many ways to have a conversation with God, to be still in his presence. One of the central ways that we Catholics pray together is through the celebration of the Eucharist. This celebration itself holds within it a great variety of ways to pray which involve spirit, mind, and body. It is at the center of our lives as Catholics.