Service out of love, not worthiness

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A stranger in a strange land, Sister Scholastica struggled with her vocation until she experienced an epiphany.

Sr. Schola Mutua helps with food distribution at an evacuation center for refugees in the Philippines.

Flickers of Hope

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But little sparks flicker in the dark and are bringers of feeble hope to a troubled land. Hope provides strength in responding to violence with nonviolence, to untruth by exposing the truth, injustice with justice, and unbelief with faith.

Flickers of Hope Blog

Prayers for Our Human Family

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Today is a tough day as we remember not only all who serve today and served in the past in various conflicts but we also mourn the tragic loss of life and devastation in the Philippines from the typhoon. It is really hard to absorb so much pain, suffering, and grief. But we must tangle with these things because in so much as suffering touches the life of another person, it touches us.

Nuns in Spain Day 3: WYD Madrid 2011 Vocational Expo

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World Youth Day in Madrid totally rocks! It’s like a crazy awesome collage of prayer, friendship, and party – not to mention the fabulous coffee and cuisine (our own Consecrated Foodie has lots to say, for example, about the Jamon Iberico.)