A long-awaited answer to prayer

Podcast Recorded:

Sister Rejane Cytacki did not expect her religious vocation to also make this particular long-cherished dream come true. Host: Sister Maxine Kollasch.

woman playing harp

Daily discernment

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Discernment shouldn’t be a Special Occasion. We can all listen for God’s voice in our daily activities—with remarkable results.

praying the rosary outdoors

At the start of the civil war

Podcast Recorded:

Sister Pat Johannsen had a birds-eye view of South Sudanese independence—and the start of the civil war. Guest: Sister Pat Johannsen.

In South Sudan, Sister Pat Johannsen trained people to use water filters to ensure safe drinking water.

Salting the fleas

Podcast Recorded:

Sister Pat describes one of her favorite adventures with housemate (and podcast host!) Sister Rejane. Guest: Sister Pat Johannsen.

Salt is an environmentally friendly way to eradicate fleas.

As a Catholic, if I don’t do more to reduce climate change, is it a sin?

Podcast Recorded:

A listener wonders how much responsibility she has as a Catholic to help reduce climate change. Hear the full Ask Sister episode AS236 at aNunsLife.org. Hosts: Sister Maxine and Sister Shannon. 

In this Random Nun Clip podcast, a listener wonders, Does the encyclical Laudato Si mean I should do more to reduce climate change.