Is this ad judgmental, or is it just me?
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A listener finds an ad on her favorite Christian radio station judgmental – but wonders if she’s reading too much into it. The Nuns discuss!

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Prayer is a process

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Prayer isn't about results... and it's not all about you. Sister Belinda explains.

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What sign will show me God is calling me to religious life?
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A listener feels called to religious life, but is waiting for a sign from God to confirm that’s what He intends for her.

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What type of retreat is right for you?

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Retreats aren't one-size-fits-all! The Sisters share a spectrum of different retreat ideas to help you draw closer to God.


A musical ministry
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Alice Ann O’Neill was a professional cellist when she began discerning with the Sisters of Charity. Discover how she is living out a dual vocation.

Alice Ann O'Neill