About the Mother of All Road Trips

We went on our biggest journey yet in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ministry: The Mother of All Road Trips, from October 15-23, 2016.

We visited with Catholic sisters across the country – including a stop in Chicago, where the ministry began! We had a great trip and special bonus! The road trip helped us as we explore new ways to expand our mission of engaging with a vibrant online community around faith, vocation, and finding joy in everyday life. A documentary film crew joined us to record the inspirational stories of the Catholic sisters and other friends we met along the way. The A Nun's Life team was behind the camera too as we learned more about the art of filming from the pros. These learnings will translate into video programming for you! It will probably also result in a lot of #LOLnun bloopers!

Every journey at A Nun’s Life includes you. Together, we travel where the Spirit leads us. If we could, we would sneak you along in our carry-on bags for all of our adventures. But since that would raise some eyebrows at airport security, we invite you to road trip with us both in prayer and on social media. Be sure to check out our travelogue!

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