WYD 2011 madridSister Julie and Sister Maxine are going to World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain! World Youth Day is an experience with people worldwide and with the Pope. It is celebrated every three years in a different country. This year it will be celebrated in Madrid from August 16th to 21st, 2011.

We received a grant to go to Madrid with our broadcast equipment and two broadcasting professionals from our A Nun’s Life community. We’re going to connect with, listen to, and record the stories of young people and religious from across the globe. We’ll explore how people experience God’s calling and the many different ways this calling is incarnate!

Not only are we going to record video and audio, but we are going to BROADCAST LIVE from World Youth Day! That’s right, you’ve seen us broadcast live every weekday from the A Nun’s Life Studio, now witness the MOBILE STUDIO in action! Our main broadcast days will be August 16, 17, and 18. Now there is a bit of a time difference with Madrid being ahead by 7 hours as compared to Chicago (e.g., 12 noon in Chicago is 7 p.m. in Madrid). Check your time zone!

We don’t know exactly what the schedule is but we’ll be sending updates via Twitter, Facebook, and our A Nun’s Life eNewsletter … so be sure to follow, friend, and/or subscribe!

We’ll send another update soon and are in the midst of creating our NL-WYD webpage.
08/08/2011 UPDATE: NL-WYD webpage now available at anunslife.org/wyd.

Nuns in SpainIf you are going to WYD, be sure to let us know and maybe we can rendezvous in Madrid. If you have special prayers that you’d like us to tuck beneath our mantles, let us know too. Use the comment section below!

And please spread the word that BROADCASTING NUNS ARE GOING TO WYD!