Gift-Giving and Nuns

Blog Published: November 8, 2013
By Sister Julie

Did you know that you can purchase handmade rosaries, breads, cards, beer, coffee, blankets, prayer shawls, mustard, coffins, and more?! As religious women and men we truly live Saint Benedict's maxim, "Ora et labora" -- "Pray and labor." With every shawl or batch of beer we make, we pray our way through our work all the way to you the recipient.

Check out our new page Gifts Handmade by Nuns and Monks.

Monasteries seem to be the main places where you'll find religious communities engaged in a corporate ministry of handmaking items, but you will also find other religious communities as well as individual or groups of religious that excel in various arts such as baked goods, ceramics, iconography, music, and more. 

With the help of the A Nun's Life Facebook Community we've pulled together a list that might help you with things you may need or that would be perfect gift items.

And for those of you who always wonder what to do when you want to get a gift for a sister -- maybe it's her jubilee or birthday or some special occasion -- check out 7 Ideas for Giving Gifts to Nuns.

Let us know if you have others you'd like us to add to the list -- must include handmade items by Catholic sisters, nuns, monks, or brothers and be accessible online.

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