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Blog Published: March 12, 2013
By Guest Blogger

We welcome writer Kerri Leigh Power as our guest blogger today.

I recently watched the BBC wildlife series Planet Earth. It's a breathtaking survey of the diversity of life on our planet. I loved the strange beauty of the foreign habitats—everywhere from deserts to grassy plains to ice caves to jungles.

But most of all, I was awed by the sheer force of life—birds of paradise in New Guinea, penguins in Antarctica, snow lions in the Himalayas, blind sea creatures in the blackest depths of the ocean. No matter how hostile the conditions, life was there, adapting and persisting, finding a path.

This seems to me a powerful message for Lent, and for our own transformation. The circumstances of our lives are often difficult—health comes and goes, friends, jobs, family, nothing stays with us. Ultimately we lose everything, but the force of life that forms us is unstoppable. It's a current we participate in even as we are swept along. I feel it sometimes in myself, or in those moments of connection with another person, when I recognize the force of life in them and in me. What can we call that, other than God?

This is something I'm contemplating this year in the story of the crucifixion—how to surrender to the current of life while playing our tiny part in it. I wonder if this is what Jesus shows us as he goes willingly to the cross? He must have felt great fear and pain. Within that experience, did he know that the life within him was greater than his individual life, and would continue? Is that what he was helping us to see?

How do you surrender to God or to life? What does this mean for you?

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Submitted by Sister Julie on Tue, 03/12/2013 - 16:00


"Ultimately we lose everything, but the force of life that forms us is unstoppable." I find this such a compelling line, Kerri. The idea that even when we have nothing, lose everything, life is still full force! It challenges me to think about the "stuff of life" compared to life itself! Thank you for today's meditation.

Submitted by Sister Maxine on Wed, 03/13/2013 - 06:27


Being swept along in the current is a powerful image! There are times when I try to swim against the current, only to find myself breathless and unfulfilled. I also love the phrase you use about participating in the current. It has the sense that when we go with the flow, so to speak, it's not a passive acceptance of the way things are in life, but an active recognition that we are indeed alive in this great co-creation!

I like this way of looking at it Sr. Maxine - I've always felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea of "going with the flow" as it seemed quite passive, but perhaps it can also mean active participation without swimming against the current. A tricky balance, for me at least.