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kerri leigh power

Life on planet Earth

Blog Published: March 12, 2013

I recently watched the BBC wildlife series Planet Earth. It's a breathtaking survey of the diversity of life on our planet. I loved the strange beauty of the foreign habitats—everywhere from deserts to grassy plains to ice caves to jungles.

Learning to let it be

Blog Published: November 16, 2012

We welcome writer Kerri Leigh Power as our guest blogger today.

When the heart goes dark

Blog Published: August 14, 2012

The movie, called No Greater Love, is a beautiful, meditative documentary about a group of Carmelite nuns living cloistered in the middle of London’s Notting Hill.

Is self-denial a spiritual act?

Blog Published: February 29, 2012

We welcome again writer Kerri Leigh Power as our guest blogger today.

Public displays of faith

Blog Published: October 14, 2011

I rarely wear the cross in my daily life, and I wondered why.

Standing in the presence of God

Blog Published: August 5, 2011

Years ago, when I was at a crossroads with my career and unsure where to go next, I read the classic book What Colour is Your Parachute ...