Music as a Language of God

Blog Published: April 21, 2014
By Sister Julie

Naxi MusiciansI never cease to be amazed at how many "languages" God knows and uses to communicate with us! It may be a particular prayer like the Hail Mary or a moment of stillness in nature or the celebration of a sacrament. Music is another way that we can connect with God -- be it the soulful depth of a Gospel hymn or a "top 40" tune that seems to say exactly how we are feeling.

It can come as a surprise to find that God can be present with us via a performance by Katy Perry or Yo-Yo Ma. Sometimes it just takes us a bit to realize that we can be on the lookout for God in all things!

For some people, music is not only a way to connect with God, but music is a vocation, a calling from God! Paul Skevington, Minister of Music and Liturgy at Saint Luke Catholic Church in MacLean, Virginia, spoke of his vocation to music:

“There’s something about singing and music (that) is very spiritual and if you combine that with the Mass, then it’s very deep,” Skevington said, adding that he is often moved when playing the organ at Mass....

His whole life, music has been a true vocation for Skevington. He knows that by developing his singers and ministering to the community he is helping them experience the presence of God more deeply.

“I don’t think you can really play music well unless you’re in touch with God,” he said. “There’s something very deep and profound that happens when you play music, and ultimately that’s God’s light shining in you.” (Source: For organist, music is God’s light by Gretchen R. Crowe in the Catholic Herald, November 17, 2010)

Here at A Nun's Life we have grown in our own playlists as we discover the songs and artists that mean a lot to you! We even have two In Good Faith podcasts featuring musicians! A while back we had Dave Nantais, author of Rock-a My Soul, An Invitation to Rock Your Religion, join us to talk about the spiritual roots of rock music.

And coming up this week is Noelle Garcia, a Catholic recording artist and speaker with World Library Publications. We'll talk with Noelle about music and about her passion for youth ministry and helping teens find their way in life. Tune in on Wednesday at 5 pm ET for a livestreaming podcast with Noelle! More info on our In Good Faith page.

What artists, instruments, or type of music inspire you?

Photo: Traditional Chinese music played by aging Naxi musicians. Photo taken by Peter Morgan in Lijiang, Yunnan province, China, February 6, 2005 (source)


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