The unifying power of music
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In this Random Nun Clip, composer and performer Sister Kathy Sherman talks about the power of music to unite people. Hear the full In Good Faith episode IGF039 at  

IGF039 In Good Faith with Sister Kathy Sherman, singer, performer, composer
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Sister Kathy Sherman is a composer and performer who has produced over 200 songs. Her music is widely used in liturgies, at Catholic conferences and meetings, in schools and universities, and at justice advocacy events.  

Sister Connie Bach, PHJC

November 21, 2019
I learned over and over that God always has a way of writing straight with crooked lines!

The music at church is like bad lounge music. What to do?
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In this Random Nun Clip, a listener's church music strikes a sour note and he can't focus on the Mass. Hear the full Ask Sister episode AS210 at 

Casual Nun: The Band

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Sister Julie discovers spiritual insights from a "doom-inflected stomper, punctuated by guitar squalls and ... curious, submerged vocals."