PizzellesOver the last few days I baked pizzelles — Italian waffle cookies. It’s a tradition on the Italian side of my family (BTW, we are a vanilla family, not anise) especially in the seasons of Advent and Christmas! My Aunt Linda is the main producer of pizzelles for the family. My sister had a pizzelle maker (a waffle iron with patterns) she wasn’t using so I snagged it when I was home for Thanksgiving. I’ve now made upwards of 300 pizzelles.

If you’ve never made them before, they are pretty easy to make. However they require constant vigilance. The cookies only take 20-25 seconds to bake (two at a time on the waffle iron). Quick, yes, but with a batch of 200, it takes a bit of time. Being the efficient person that I am, I tried to get the routine down so that I could make use of the 20 seconds while the cookies were baking.

Hmmm …. what could I get done in 20-second increments?

  • wash a single dish at a time (or just part of one)
  • talk on the phone (very challenging — cell phones do not work well with dough caked on them)
  • organize spices (cumin, cinnamon, basil, oh my!)
  • pray a Hail Mary (one decade = 20 cookies)
  • eat a pizzelle (they are just perfect little yummy snacks, especially when warm)
  • de-clutter the kitchen (a never-ending task)

It was kind of fun to see what I could get done in 20 seconds, though I remained stuck in that mode even after I finished baking.

So what to do with 200 pizzelles? Well, I learned from my Gramma and my Aunt Linda that pizzelles are made for giving. I think that’s why I love them so much. So this most recent batch will be packaged up in little tins and boxes and hopefully make people as happy as they make me!