Elizabeth JohnsonOne of my favorite scholars is Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, a Sister of Saint Joseph of Brentwood, New York. I studied her work when I was in graduate school, and I've followed her along ever since!

It is a huge honor to have her join Sister Maxine and me for our next In Good Faith podcast on November 1.

The entry point into Prof. Johnson's work had been my Foundational Theology classes and I immediately resonated with her work because of our mutual appreciation for the Roman Catholic theologian Karl Rahner. I love how through her work I can see how Rahner's theology can be brought into dialogue with other scholars and what's going on in the world today.

Prof. Johnson teaches and writes about theology in a variety of contexts. On the website of Fordham University where she is a Distinguished Professor of Theology, Prof. Johnson lists her areas of research interest:

Systematic theology, especially the mystery of God; the meaning of Jesus Christ and redemption; interpretations of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the communion of saints; the problem of suffering; the dialogue between science and religion; creation and ecological ethics; and all of the above as related to the human dignity of women and articulated in feminist theology. 

Current research projects involve a study that retrieves a robust pneumatology to secure the presence of God in the evolving world, now under threat; and a gathering and analysis of works interpreting Jesus by women in African, Asian, and Latin American cultures. 

Because we'll be talking with Prof. Johnson on All Saints Day, we'll be using the communion of saints and Mary as our conversation entry point. It's also pretty handy that Prof. Johnson has two books on both these topics!

  • Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Communion of Saints (Continuum, 2003).
  • Friends of God and Prophets: A Feminist Theological Reading of the Communion of Saints (Continuum, 1998).

As we prepare for our conversation with Prof. Johnson, let us know what you've read of hers, if you've heard her teach, and what questions you have for her around Mary and the Communion of Saints. We'd love your input and look forward to engaging her and you in conversation at the November 1 podcast which will be live-streamed at 7 p.m. ET.

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