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Amazon Smile
December 10, 2006

I received a comment from Esa, a Muslim man, who wrote that Muslims believe that Paradise is not only for Muslims but for everyone who is faithful, good-hearted and a helper to the people. He asked what I think about it. Esa, here are my thoughts …

December 4, 2006

This morning I innocently restarted my home computer, and it finally happened. It crashed big time. So, you may not hear from me too often in the next week as I await a new hard drive. In the meantime, enjoy this “Requiem for a Hard Drive” by Ravings of a Former Corporate Mommy.

December 3, 2006

A thought about the spiritual practice of waiting ...

December 2, 2006

Today we celebrate the lives of the four Churchwomen who were martyred in El Salvador. They are witnesses to all of us of the commitment to God and to love of one’s neighbor, even in the face of danger and death.

November 29, 2006

I recently received an email from a student doing a paper on Catherine McAuley. She asked if Catherine had any symbols associated with her. Not knowing off the top of my head, I headed to web sites of the Sisters of Mercy (whom Catherine founded in 1831). To my great delight, I discovered that one of the symbols associated with Catherine is “a comfortable cup of tea.”

November 28, 2006

"It is a particularly appropriate occasion to thank the Lord for the gift of so many persons who, in monasteries and hermitages, are totally dedicated to God in prayer, silence and hiddenness."

November 27, 2006

My colleague Jim just announced from across the hallway that my little blog had made the UK newspaper The Sunday Times. HA! And not just me … a few other blogging sisters were mentioned.

November 22, 2006

Sometimes saying “thank you” can become an automatic response. “Have a nice day.” “Thanks, you too.” It’s a polite gesture which actually has some very profound meaning behind it. The word gratitude speaks to that deeper dimension.

November 17, 2006

I’ve received quite a few comments and emails (for which I am grateful) following the TIME article in which my blog and I were referenced. There’s a common theme that keeps creeping up and I thought I’d address it head on.

November 16, 2006

In a comment on “TIME magazine article on nuns, veils, and blogs“, Jenn asks the question of what makes being a nun a unique call. She writes: “I think our call to be a Christian means we shouldn’t be sleeping around and we should be living simply (we should live simply so others in our world can have something).