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Blog Published: July 7, 2021
By The Nuns
The first blogs that started A Nun's Life Ministry

It’s the “FINAL 5” – the final five blogs to round out our first 15 blogs that helped launch A Nun’s Life Ministry! We hope you’ve enjoyed opening up the vault to our early days as bloggers. If you missed our blogs from the past two weeks, you can find the quick links below.

From the very beginning of this ministry, it was our hope to inspire the online audience with creative content that would serve as an introduction to the centuries-old tradition of religious life—especially in the areas of discernment, spirituality, and prayer. With the first blog written, our mission was to help people discover and grow in their vocation and find joy and meaning in life. We hope that our blogs, as well as our podcasts and videos, have done that for you!

Enjoy this final round of our first 15 blogs and don’t forget that we have hundreds of blogs on our website all waiting to be read by YOU! Whether you are looking for something on prayer, social justice, lent, or discernment, you’ll find it all right HERE on our website!

Settle back and check out these faith-filled blogs:
1. Gratitude…the heart of thanksgiving (11/22/06)
2. The Vow of Poverty (1/3/07)
3. The Role of Lay Associates in Religious Life (1/5/07)
4. No Such Thing as Cookie Cutter Nuns (2/7/07)
5. What is a day in the life of a sister like? (2/12/07)

In case you missed the first two blogs celebrating our first 15 blogs, check them out here:

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