In the beginning…there were blogs!

Blog Published: June 30, 2021
By The Nuns
A Nun's Life Blog vault

As promised, we’re back with a treasure-trove of blogs from the start of the ministry and we are honored to share the next round of five of our very first 15 blogs!

We all know that “In the beginning, there was God”, but did you know that far off in a corner of time there also was Sr. Julie Vieira sitting with her laptop typing away! As the primary blogger, she would energetically and creatively write several blogs a month. Her writings were fascinating and covered all sorts of topics from pop culture, to prayer, faith, vocation, and beyond. As the ministry developed, guest nuns were invited to write blogs on behalf of A Nun’s Life, in addition to the regular blogging by Sr. Julie and Sr. Maxine.

You can now find hundreds of blogs ranging from all types of topics right HERE on our website. But, before you go diving into this world of awesomeness, check out these inspirational and insightful blogs just one click away:
1. I Arise Today (9/11/06)
2. Nun’s Beach Surf Invitational (9/16/06)
3. Is Sound Bite Theology Possible? (10/11/06)
4. Saint Teresa of Avila (10/15/06)
5. Gratitude…the heart of thanksgiving (11/22/06)

Be sure to come back next week, where we round out our “first 15 blogs” with the final five!

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