Catholic Sisters Week at A Nun’s Life Ministry

Blog Published: March 10, 2020
By Sister Maxine

Join us here at A Nun's Life Ministry in the celebration of Catholic Sisters Week! 

It’s a time to recognize Catholic sisters for their witness of God’s love for the world. It’s also a celebration of the centuries-old tradition of religious life, which offers food for the spiritual journey to everyone.

All week long here at A Nun's Life, you'll find excellent content on our website and in our social media sites. Here are a few highlights for the week:

  • Sister Max’s blog about Catholic Sisters Week, which you can find on the website of Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
  • Our most recent Ask Sister Podcast featuring our very own Sister Jane Aseltyne and host Sister Maxine.
  • Our newest #Nunday video featuring Sister Shannon Fox, a Sister of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis.
  • The Catholic Sisters Week website is filled with events to celebrate Catholic Sisters and acknowledge their great efforts of sharing the Gospel message of Jesus. Check out their website and see the list of what’s happening across our country. 

Join the celebration! Follow us on social throughout the week as we celebrate with folks online. See you there!



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