Video Project Bloopers

November 8, 2020

Lots of LOLs go into making #Nunday videos! Enjoy this blooper real featuring several sisters having a blast!


Top 10 Reasons A Nun's Life Needs YOUR Support

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YOU are very much a part of our life and mission! Here are some awesome (and practical) reasons to support the ministry and those whom we serve!

AS229 Ask Sister - Update from Sister Jane, do nuns watch Netflix, foundresses, drama in the convent
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Topics: Update from Sister Jane, do nuns watch Netflix, foundresses, drama in the convent

Amazing nun podcasts--now in print!

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I am amazed at the things Catholic sisters say during a podcast! And now, you can see transcripts of the podcasts, too!

Catholic Sisters Week at A Nun’s Life Ministry

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Catholic Sisters Week--a time to recognize Catholic sisters for their witness of God’s love for the world!