Honoring Amazing Catholic Sisters

Honoring Catholic Sisters


Through their ministry, their love for the community where they live and serve, their open hearts and faithful witness, Catholic sisters change the world -- and they do it as a matter of course, without expectation of any thanks or recognition. 

But their faithful service demands our gratitude -- and A Nun's Life is so pleased to offer the opportunity for YOU to thank a Catholic sister who has made a difference in your life, in your family, in your community, and in our world. 

Please enjoy the anecdotes below, which come from the A Nun's Life community. And if you would like to honor a Catholic sister, you can do so by making a gift to the ministry and letting us know about the Sister you want to recognize so we can add them to this page. Thank you for helping us thank them for all they do!

Sister Mary Rose, a dear friend from my CUA days, helped keep my faith strong when I navigated divorce from an abusive husband. Throughout the years, we’ve stayed in regular touch, our friendship still incredibly strong, strengthened by our prayers for one another, our letters, and a planned visit to the monastery in May. ❤️ I’m so grateful.” - Jill M.

The Dominican Sisters at Corpus Christi Monastery in the Bronx, NY do wonderful work in our community. - L. Lawrence

Sister Mary William, FSPA Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration  (La Crosse, WI) - Donna C. 

Sister Barbara Ann,  All Saints Sisters of the Poor  (Catonsville, Maryland) - Amy S. 

"There are so many it is hard to choose. I suppose it would be Sr. Sophie Janes, RSCJ, deceased. She was a teacher and high school principal at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, MO when I knew her and later principal at Villa Duchesne in St, Louis, where I transferred after the Academy closed the high school. She was a wise and serene woman who helped me see the woman I was going to be. She gave me hope and confidence. Sr. Janes was a role model who helped me remain calm in the midst of busyness. As a woman religious she was remarkable." - Nancy H. 


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