Inspiring lives and influencing behaviors

Blog Published: May 19, 2021
By Sister Julie Myers, OSF
Inspiring lives and influencing behaviors

I’m a Facebook scroller! I mostly stop for meaningful posts, positive quotes and artsy images. Just the other day I happened upon a post from a page named: Peace, Love and Smiles. The quote on the post’s colorful image read: “I love people that have no idea how wonderful they are and just wander around making the world a better place.” Now that calls for an instant click on the like and share tabs!

It stirred warmth in my heart for all the people who go about life sharing kindness, touching hearts, and doing good in unassuming ways. For me, I know many people who are these lil’ floater Angels, and I bet you know them in your life, too.

I couldn’t help but think about how Sisters and Nuns are that kind of goodness! We never know how deeply we’ve touched a life or influenced behaviors. Sisters and Nuns commit to lives of service, prayer, and blessing, and give this superpower to those we meet. I often hear stories about Sisters and Nuns who’ve made a huge impact upon people’s lives. A Nun’s Life Ministry serves as a funnel of receiving stories from sisters about their lives and experiences and then telling these stories to the online world through produced content.

This year A Nun’s Life Ministry celebrates 15 years of an online presence. The ministry began as a blog that touched thousands of people and within a few years, the sisters started hosting podcasts and creating videos! All this goodness is contained on our colorful website and seeps into social media.

This quote, “… people that have no idea how wonderful they are and just wander around making the world a better place” and the ministry’s celebration of 15 years online gives me cause to reflect on the powerhouse of people behind the scenes at A Nun’s Life, good people who’ve made the content and connections real:

  • Sister Maxine and Sister Julie, pioneers of the ministry’s amazing blogs, livestreamed and recorded podcasts and Nun-videos. Their work and vision established the branding and content you see today.
  • Sister “Just Jane” creatively developed our presence and reach on social media, and served as a guest host on the Praying With The Sisters podcast and a few Ask Sister podcasts.
  • Mrs. Julie Brown served in the development arena ringing the bell for donations and seeking financial support to keep the ministry vibrant. Currently, she serves as Chair of our Board.
  • Ms. Alana Hatcher served in communications and social media keeping us connected to the online world.
  • Mrs. Kelly Zlatic, a current team member, masters the financial waves, comprehends analytics for content direction, drives the development bus, and manages a myriad of other tasks.

Amazing people “just wandering around making the [internet] world a better place.”

All of these efforts of created goodness in unassuming ways and the many lives we’ve touched over the 15 years, often get reflected back to us through online comments, snail-mail cards, letters, and social media posts. Allow me to share some of the recent testimonials that have touched our hearts and keep us “wandering”: 

I’ve been listening to the Nun’s Life podcasts and they have truly been lifesaving. This has been a hard time for everyone, no doubt, and some days here are harder than others, helping our clients manage illness, poverty, joblessness, and desperation. Many days I get up really early to have time to myself and I drive to the Gulf and lose myself in the stories of sisters who, long before the pandemic, have devoted themselves to social justice and other vital causes. Sister Maxine’s calm voice and direct questions are so soothing for me. No matter how different the sisters’ lives are from mine, I always find a common connection with each of them. I’m so grateful for the important work of A Nun’s Life Ministry and please know the positive impact your work is having on my life. C. R.
I really loved what Sister Julie, OSF wrote in her blog about traveling with an empty bag and also the way she wrote how Jesus calls us to follow Him. To be honest, I know someone who couldn’t give herself completely to the journey of Lent, but she was greatly inspired by the blog. Thank you so much! M.B.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, sisters, for so beautifully explaining to us how to make palm crosses in the Nunday Video. Your site has been an absolute blessing. Wishing God’s most abundant blessings always. E.O.P.
I will always be grateful for Sister Julie, OSF’s assistance with a vocation awareness project several years ago. It would not have been possible without A Nun’s Life Ministry. Thanks, from this retired teacher. M.D.

We don’t always realize the impact we have on people’s lives, the behaviors we influence, or the inspirations we stir. I am very grateful that God directed me to this ministry and partnered me with these inspiring women who saw my gifts as transferable skills to share in the work we do here. And I am most grateful to you, our online friends, who inspire us to keep “wandering and making the world a better place”!

(Feel free to share your own testimonial about the impact A Nun's Life Ministry has had on your life by commenting below or by visiting our Contact page.)

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