Inspiring lives and influencing behaviors

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I couldn’t help but think about how Sisters and Nuns are that kind of goodness! We never know how deeply we’ve touched a life or influenced behaviors. Sisters and Nuns commit to lives of service, prayer, and blessing, and give this super power to those we meet.

Inspiring lives and influencing behaviors

What's the purpose of fasting during Lent?

February 22, 2021

In this #Nunday video, Sister Julie Myers, OSF, shares her experience of fasting during Lent and how it has transformed her own spiritual life.

Purpose of fasting during Lent

Trusting in an Empty Bag

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Your invited on a journey, asked to empty your travel bag, and encouraged to trust that your ruffled companion is enough.

Lenten Blog: Trusting in an Empty Bag

Hope and Resilience

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After many months of planning and adapting to the challenges of COVID-19, the day of the ride finally arrived! September 11 was here with new energy, new hope, and deep resilience! The riders and support team gathered together in a circle of prayer greeted by the rising sun.

Cycling with Sisters - Hope and Resilience

Choose Love!

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Embracing our humanity, how can we start honest conversations and stop senseless hate? Love is stronger than hate! The choice is ours; we must choose love.

Blog: Choose Love