NUNDAY with Sister Rosemonde Deck, CDP

Blog Published: August 10, 2015
By Jane

Monday is NUNDAY! Meet Sister Rosmonde Deck, CDP, who was recently featured in The Patriot Ledger, the newspaper of Quincy, Massachusetts (MA). The article " A GOOD AGE: An outpouring of music from the surviving 'Singing Sister'" by Sue Scheible (July 7, 2015), highlights Sister Rosemonde's life as one half of the duo the "Singing Sisters."

Sister Rosemonde and her biological sister, Sister Rosalie Deck (also a Sister of Divine Providence), were raised in a musical family. Their mother was a singer, and their father a clarinet player. They entered the Sisters of Divine Providence in the 1940s and became music teachers. For 45 years they taught at Sacred Heart School in Kingston, MA.

In the 1970s they began performing as 'The Singing Sisters' at local venues and even made several appearances abroad. Three years ago, when Sister Rosalie passed away, Sister Rosemonde turned to music to help her cope. Since Rosalie's passing, Rosemonde has composed over 150 original songs. She said:

"I am sure my sister is up there really helping to inspire me. It has to be that, to have that increase of songs come to me since she passed away. Inspiration just keeps flowing and flowing."

To hear an original piece by Sister Rosemonde, check out the video below! May Sister Rosemonde's work inspire you this Monday morning! Enjoy!

Sister Rosemonde plays an original piece titled 'Promise of Light'

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