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Blog Published: July 14, 2021
By The Nuns
15 Reasons to Support the Ministry

Starting a ministry is a pretty big deal, but growing a ministry that reaches millions of people is awe inspiring! A Nun’s Life is celebrating its 15th Anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited!

Producing content that touches hearts and inspires lives only happens because of the openness of the online audience, our dear friends, and the enormous generosity of so many good willed people. 

A Nun's Life Ministry is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that relies on people—blog readers, video watchers, and podcast listeners—to keep the ministry thriving! Have you ever considered donating to the ministry but just not sure where your money would go or what it would actually support? Well, let us share some amazing insights about the power of donating! 

  1. Your donation would help thousands of people grow in their faith and experience the joy of living into their own call from God.


  2. Your donation helps people discover and grow in their vocation, whether it is religious life, a relationship, a job, or a life commitment.        

    “A Nun’s Life community has been a tremendous blessing to me as I discern God’s call for my life. It has been a great ‘go to’ for support and answers to some of my questions. Often I find myself waiting impatiently for it to be time for the podcast.” – Teresa 

  3. Your gift helps persons entering into the A Nun’s Life online community encounter welcoming Catholic sisters and nuns who serve as trusted companions on their spiritual journeys. Just think, over 30,000 people interact with A Nun’s Life Ministry each month. 

    “I cannot tell you how you have enriched my life. I am a wife, mom, grandmother, retired public school teacher who loved her education with her nuns. May God continue to inspire, enrich, and bless you!” – Barbara

  4. Your donation supports people in need by providing access to a safe, welcoming online environment.

    “A Nun’s Life podcasts created a safe environment where I could listen to experiences of other religious without having to say out loud that I might actually want to be religious.” – Stefan

  5. Your gift helps shape a culture infused with Gospel values that fosters life-giving relationships in an online environment. 
  6. Your gift helps expand the A Nun’s Life podcasting programs which host national experts as podcast guests, develop new programs, and purchase necessary podcast equipment.

    “I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your program. We have found your interviews to be so moving and the caliber of your guests to be impactful in adding strength to our own Catholic Faith. It’s like having an extra class to prepare us. Sister Formation, as you know, is a journey and we are so happy in the indirect way you are making ours more meaningful. Please keep us in your prayers. We just wanted you to know your hard work is making a difference in our lives.” - Martin

  7. Your support keeps the spirit of innovation strong. As people’s needs change, A Nun’s Life responds by using social technology to find new ways of reaching people who might otherwise have little contact with the culture of vocation.


  8. Your investment in A Nun’s Life Ministry ensures that we can continue to walk with people through the questions, challenges, and joys that are part of the life of faith. 

    “In the middle of worrying about a major business decision, I heard A Nun’s Life Random Nun Clip about doubt.  Precious Blood Sister Della Meyer said, ‘Just keep showing up.  Don’t discontinue that doubt and you will find out if you are going in the right direction.’   Her words of encouragement reminded me to stay present in prayer and await the answer on where God wants me.” – Jen 

  9. Your gift makes it possible to provide the podcasts, blogs, and videos that nourish so many people in their day to day routines and responsibilities. 

    “I pray continually to be a positive influence. The A Nun’s Life podcasts stay focused on the calling when I feel helpless as I encounter so many children with unmet needs.” – Chris

  10. Through your giving, you can honor a loved one, a friend or a Catholic Sister who has changed your life!
  11. Your gift is tax deductible since A Nun’s Life Ministry is a 501c3 nonprofit. 


  12. You join an international community of people from a variety of religious communities, ministries, spiritualties, cultures and geographies. 

    Thanks so very much for your prayers, podcast, and outreach community. It has made a transformational difference in me and others, just by knowing and participating in the community you have created. Thanks!” - Elijah

  13. Your gift can help launch the ministry for years to come, supporting the reality that A Nun’s Life Ministry grows every day to be of service to the online community religious communities, the church, and to the world. 
  14. Still thinking about it? Well, our donation process is easy and secure by using our online donation form or by mail
  15. Just maybe there is no other ministry as amazing, creative and inspiring as A Nun’s Life and you want to support it and be a part of our giving team!

Bonus tip: If you are a current supporter of the ministry, jump down to the comment section below and share why you choose to support the ministry. We’d love to hear from you.  

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