Why did you become a sister?

Blog Published: November 27, 2017
By Sister Maxine

A Nun's Life had the privilege to sit down with Sister Jane Frances Nabakaawa, DM, and listen to her story of how she became a member of the Daughters of Mary, Uganda.

A Nun's Life: Why did you become a sister?

Sister Jane Frances: For me, I feel that I was called. There is no doubt, I was called. My call is surrounded by very many circumstances, but one of them is to take care of the needy.

I know and I feel that God is present in everything, is present in everyone, but in the needy, [God's presence] is more evident, as the Gospel of Matthew talks about it. Jesus is in [them]: "Whoever takes care of them, takes care of myself,” as he states.

Watch Sister Jane Frances's interview:

Learn more about Sister Jane Frances's congregation by visiting the Daughters of Mary, Uganda.

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