Travel Journal
  • The sisters greet us with smiles that reflect the spirit of the founder, Dominic the Joyful Friar.
  • During the podcast, our guests, Sister June and Sister Mattie talk, about “spiritual itinerancy” and what it means to be open to being changed by God. A great reminder that God can take us in directions we don’t expect, always drawing us to new life!
  • Before leaving, we visit the chapel. With a spectacular view to the outdoors, it feels like all of God’s good creation is present here!
  • Other stops on the road trip: a visit to the The Sisters Sweet Shoppe at Krema, home of our fave peanut butter.

Photo Highlights

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Podcast Guest Nuns

L: Sister June Fitzgerald, OP, is a Retreat Director, Spiritual Director, and storyteller. She serves as Vocation Promoter on the Ministry of Welcome team for the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

R: Sister Mattie Sterner, OP, has been a Dominican Sister for 63 years. She has served as a teacher at all grade levels and is currently the Director of the Center for Dominican Studies at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus.

About the Congregation

Mission Statement: Our mission is to bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus, leading others to Christ. Our hope is to make the world a place that is more accepting and less violent; more welcoming of others and less alienating; more respectful of our planet and less consuming of Earth’s resources. We serve God’s people in many ways, including education, health care, spirituality, pastoral care, prison ministry, the arts, and care of creation, among others. The Gospel message of love and compassion lead us to be concerned about peace and justice issues, including comprehensive immigration reform, sensible gun control, alternatives to the death penalty, and advocacy against human trafficking among others.