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AS009 Ask Sister Podcast

Podcast Recorded: January 9, 2010

Ask Sister Podcast is a production of A Nun’s Life Ministry. Episode 009 was aired January 8, 2010. During the show we responded to questions about deciding to become a nun, being physically disabled, visiting friends and relatives as a nun, relocation, and religious department.

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Show Notes
  • Is being a nun the hardest part decision you ever made in your entire life?
  • What’s the different between a nun and a normal girl? What’s the benefit of being a nun?
  • Do you know any physically handicapped sisters or nuns?
  • Do religious communities allow physically disabled women as sisters?
  • Does living as a sister prevent me from seeing my friends, relatives, or parents?
  • Are Catholic nuns or sisters required relocate to different parts of the country if the order asks them to?
  • What is religious deportment? how essential is it for religious to conform to it?
About our Guest

Sister Margaret Chapman, IHM, is the President of Compassionate Companions, a ministry in which sisters and other advocates serve as guardians for adults whose physical or mental condition affects their ability to speak or act independently.


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