What happens when you actually apply to become a nun?

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Sister Cheryl talks about the first big steps in becoming a Catholic sister!

Top 10 LOL Podcasts

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Is it true that LOLs are good for the soul? Here at A Nun’s Life, we think so! This is our 10th year of online ministry, so we’re celebrating lots of different “10s” throughout the year.

Am I less myself because I am a Catholic Sister?

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When asked the question about being less myself as a nun, I felt like I would explode with unicorns, hamsters, and rainbows!

Pop Art as Sacred Art?

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When Pope John XXIII threw open the window opening the Church to the modern world, I'm not sure he specifically had pop culture in mind, but why not? ... I started thinking about this after reading an interesting article called "The good books: how church used pop art to guide young"... It's an interesting read with a look at the covers of several pamphlets that pose tantalizing questions related to sexuality, vocation, drinking, and well, more sexuality.  

If you enter religious life, can you bring your house and car along?

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This Random Nun Clip is from Ask Sister episode 130. Hear the full podcast at AS130.